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 Meditation, object, jhanas, and dangers if any

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T Than

PostSubject: Meditation, object, jhanas, and dangers if any   Thu Sep 01, 2011 12:39 am

Dear All,
I am a Buddhist by birth albeit a casual one till my mid 50's.
Recently, having studied the Dhamma and meditation mainly online, I started practising meditation. It happens mainly at home because of lack of opportunity.
I would be grateful if an experienced Buddhist meditator who has achieved certain stages of jhana could kindly answer and explain my queries:
1. Object in meditation. Traditionally, the object is breathing. Having tried this methd, I find it difficult to maintain samma sati for a reasonable time.
I now find that having started with breathing in the beginning if I note one of my body parts e.g. head and hands etc., mentally trace each section of that body part, and again note the contact between one body part and another, my samma sati can continue for at least 30 min to 1 hour easily.
I can switch between breathing and noting in case sati is either disturbed or even intentionally, maintaining the duration of sati.
During that time, I can recall, analyse and mentally match each feature of panca sila, tilakhanna, akusala mula, cattari ariya saccani, and ariya atthangiko magga against the present mental and emotional states of myself without any interruptions. It makes me aware and pleases me that I am fulfilling each and every feature and sign of the above Dhamma during that time.
I would like to hear expert comments on the above.
2. Jhana
Is this methd of practice compatible with rising stages of jhana in the Dhamma? If so, can one go further with this methd?
3. Dangers if any
Are there any physical, mental and emotional dangers in practising alone with this methd?
I look forward to hearing any helpful comments and advice.
Best wishes and regards.

Novice Buddhist
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Meditation, object, jhanas, and dangers if any
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